KEEPASS: Password Manager

Written by Adrian Yong

Adrian Yong
09 July 2018

Using a password manager to secure your privacy; or you digital access.

When I was doing research on ssl an aspect of it came for making sure you generated a random password to make sure its impossible to guess; and the easiest way to do that is to use an application to generate randomness.

Random is something we take for granted when we think have created something unique; we actually are creating something predictable. Thats why hackers easily hack to your home wifi and hack into your website password etc using tools like dictionary attack or brute force.

We have progressed to a point we need a software to generate unique because hackers have compiled an extensive list of possible passwords commonly used by people like you; which mean you are not as original than you think.

If you agree with me, you can try using free open source software like KEEPASS. It help you generate alphanumeric password up to 40 characters long or more. Plus a good measure of entropy features to increase randomness, which is your first line of defense; against hacking systems.

An finally the best part is this software can help store your password securely in its database though small but secure. Security geeks use it, why not you?

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Written by Adrian Yong

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